Board And Committees


President - Linda Stanwood

President-Elect - Susan Stanchfield

Vice Presidents - Programs - Mary Jo Ewing

Vice Presidents - Workshops - Kris Doan, Rena Hernandez

Vice President - Ways & Means - Cece Blankenship

Secretary - Phyllis Lewcock

Treasurer - Jeanette Blackburn

Membership - Carol Brega, Dana Lovelace, Valerie Myers, Ellen Pankuch


Advertising - Peggy Ancinec and Susie Shkolnik

Bus Trips - Nancy Hansen and Debbie Timmons

Communications - Corinne Yarbrough

Email - Jeanette Blackburn

Facebook - Kathy Anglea and Marlene Charron

Facilities Liason - Nancy Feder

Friendship Block - Phyllis Lewcock

Friendship Circles - Lisa Coulombe, Wendy Mathson, and Karen Pendergast

Guild Challenge - Sandy Buckley

Historian - Elizabeth Galati

Kennel Comforters - Merilyne Hickman

Literature Table - Membership Chairs

Lucky Block - Laurie Paurazas and Wendy Keeping

New Member Coffee - Sandy Buckley

Newsletter - Julie Calvario

Opportunity Quilt Making 2023– Laurie Paurazas and Sharon Cooperson

Opportunity Quilt Marketing 2022 - Robin Sutherland

Opportunity Table - Nancy Ganske

Philanthropy - Cuddle Quilts - Jan Jordan, Candy Mittag

Photographer - Jeanette Blackburn

Power Point Presentation and Zoom – Kris Doan, Anne Galdos

Publicity - Suzanne Tobey

Quilt Show Chairperson - Linda Kelly

Quiltlets - Julie Calvario and Tara Ritacco

Retreat - Jo Anne Foster

Rods & Chains Rental - Jill Stearns & Gail Yakos

SCCQG Representative - Patti Goodman

Sharing - Sandy Buckley and Debbie Cahill

Silent Auction - CeCe Blankenship and Susan Stanchfield

Sunshine Lady - Rebecca Nulty

UFO Challenge - Mar Tobiason and Carrie Suggett

Volunteer Recognition - Board Members

Website - Jen Frost + Ebbie Hoitt

Welcome Committee - Anna Marie Martinet

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