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UFO Challenge Rules, 2022

UFO = UnFinished Object: those “I love that” quilted objects most of us have started that are somehow still in a bag, box or drawer for who knows how long.  The UFO Challenge wants to gently help you complete 4 UFO projects over the next 11 months. 

Turn in your completed entry form (download here) and the $10 entry fee, If by check make it out to El Camino Quilters, (goes toward prizes) no later than March 31, 2022.  If you are new to the UFO Challenge, you will receive a flower pin to wear to Guild meetings.  For each completed project, you will receive a button to add to your flower pin and a chance to win prizes at the end of the Challenge.   If you participated in a previous UFO Challenge, you can add buttons to your existing  flower pin.  Please wear your flower pin to every meeting to celebrate your progress.


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CUDDLE QUILT Update December 2021

On November 18th Cuddle met for the first time at El Corazon Senior Center in Oceanside. We will meet there every third Thursday, including December 16, from 9-3.

The December workshop will have NICU, receiving blankets, and pillowcase kits or you can work on your own Cuddle project.

There will not be a December workshop at San Marcos Senior Center.

Please contact Juliana Scroggins concerning the QIAD workshop schedule.

Cuddle is still collecting bright, colorful teen quilts (with pillowcases, please) for the San Pasqual foster teens. Recommended size is 60”x 72” or a bit larger.


January meeting:

Cuddle will have 20 bins of FAT QUARTERS for sale at the remarkable price of 10 for a $1!!!

Now you have to buy 10-no metal money!

We will have shopping bags for you to fill up!!



1st Thursday of each month

9 am - 1 pm

Masks required

El Corazon Senior Center

3rd Thursday of each month

9 am - 3 pm

San Marcos Senior Center

4th Monday of each month

9 am - 3 pm

Please bring a mask

Here is a guide to recommended sizes:

Baby/wheelchair/Foster Angels/receiving blankets or quilts 40”-45” x 45”-50”

Lap/ teens/adults 48”-60” x 60”-76”

Breckenridge or San Pasqual 64”-70” x 76”-90”

PROGRAMS 2021-22

let us sew > Guild Activities - El Camino QuiltersDecember: Christmas Party

January: Tina Curran Lecture: My Excellent Adventure as a Quilter

Workshop: Herringbone Quilts and/or Pillow

Februrary: Trudy Cleveland Lecture: Update Your Quilt Toolbox

Workshop: How to Photograph Your Quilts

March: Anne Turley Lecture: Just Quilts

Workshop: On Point

April: Ann Sonner Lecture: Family History Quilts

Workshop: Photo Transfer Class

Happy quilting everyone! Stay safe and keep in touch!

Mary Jo Ewing

UFO Challenge Dec 2021

Congratulations to Bev Tyner, our 3rd quarter prize winner!!!

The 4th UFO deadline is November 30th and we’ll have 2 drawings during the December meeting. The first one will be for the 4th quarter $25.00 Quilt In A Day gift card, and the second one will be for the grand prize drawing of $170 Quilt In A Day gift card!!!!!

Get your final projects finished and show them to our UFO table at the next meeting, or send your photos, including your label, to Gretchen or Vicki.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Gretchen – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Vicki – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

December 2021 Lucky Block - A Quilter’s Gift

gift > Guild Activities - El Camino QuiltersColors

Background - White (no beige) tone on tone, print, or batik that reads as a solid.

Gift Box - Print or batik in Christmas colors.

Ribbon and Bow - A fabric that coordinates with the Box and Bow.

Cutting Instructions – 6.5” x 9” Block  (7”x 9½” unfinished)

Fusible – Use Steam-A-Seam Reg or Lite, Heat and Bond Lite or a similar two-sided fusible web.

Cut from Fusible

For the Box - (1) 6” square

For the Ribbon - (1) 2” x 6” rectangle

For the Bow - (1) 3.5” x 5” rectangle

Cut from Background Fabric

(1) 9” x 11” square

  1. Cut out the shapes as listed above from your fusible.
  2. Trace the Bow from the Pattern (download) onto the 5” x 5” fusible rectangle. The dashed line on the bow indicates where it is covered by another piece. Be sure to include this "hidden" part of the fabric when tracing the bow. 
  3. Take off the first release paper and very lightly fuse all of the shapes to the wrong sides of the fabrics you have selected for your Box, Ribbon and Bow (Follow the manufacturer’s directions for heat setting and time).
  4. Trim the fused fabric pieces to the following sizes, trimming from all sides of the pieces.
    For the Box - (1) 5” square
    For the Ribbon - (2) 3/4” x 5” strips
    For the Bow - Cut out on the traced lines
  5. Remove the final release paper from all pieces.
  6. Fold and lightly crease your background square in half lengthwise to find the vertical center.
  7. Place your 5” Box on the background square, centered from left to right with the bottom edge of the box 1½” inches from the bottom/raw edge of the background square. The sides of the box will be 2” from the raw edge of the background square. Lay one ribbon strip horizontally across the middle of the box and one vertically across the center of the box.  Tuck the bow under the center top edge of the box to match the picture. Fuse in place.
  8. Use a zig-zag, buttonhole, decorative or straight stitch (whichever you prefer) to appliqué around every raw edge with a matching, coordinating, decorative or sparkly thread. Begin with the Box, then the Ribbons and finish with the Bow.
    Note: You can leave the decorative stitching for the winner if you prefer.
  9. Please do not trim the finished block, we will let the winners do that J

Questions? Callor email  Laurie Paurazas

 760-216-6234  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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