April 2022 Lucky Block

Chutes and Ladders


Quick 9 patch units

chutes and ladders 1-White with Black print (predominately White) or White solid or tone on tone

- Black with White print (predominately Black) tone on tone or solid

chutes and ladders 2Half Square Triangle units –

Color of your choice in a darker value and a brighter/lighter value. Example: Red and Pink

White (2) 2” by 4½” strips

chutes and ladders 3(1) 3½ by 9” strip

Black (1) 2” by 9” strip

(1) 2” by 4½” strip

Dark Color (1) 5½” square

Light Color (1) 5½” square

NOTE: The strip sets and Half Square Triangles are a little over sized to allow for trimming

chutes and ladders 41. Black and White Unit 1 – Sew the Black 2” by 9” strip to the White 3½” by 9” strip right sides together. Press towards the Black. Cross cut this unit into (4) 2” wide sections.

Black and White Unit 2 - Sew the White 2” by 4½” strips to either side of the black 2” by 4½“ strip right sides together. Press toward the black. Cross cut this unit into (2) 2” wide sections.

2. Sew a Unit 1 section to each side of the Unit 2 sections to make the “Quick” 9 patch units. Press away from center section.

chutes and ladders 53. ½ Square Triangle Units - Draw a diagonal line on the wrong side of the light 5½” square. Match the Dark square to the light square right sides together. Stitch ¼“ from both sides of the drawn line. Cut apart on the drawn (solid) line and press toward the dark side. Square up to 5”.

4. Lay out the units and sew to match the picture. Please be very careful to place the dark and light triangles in the
correct positions.
Press toward the triangle units. Sew center seam and press open.

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