March 2022 Lucky Block

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Fabrics - Pull out your scraps!

You need five different fabrics for the Stepping Stones.

Use any shades of Blue and Aqua in Prints, Batiks and Tone on Tones – Mix them up

Background - White on White or White Solid

march lb 1

Blues and Aquas -
(5) 2½” x 4” rectangles

White Background -
(1) 5½” x 5½” square

Fig Amarch lb fig a

Fig Bmarch lb fig b

Cutting Instructions

  1. Arrange the 5 rectangles long sides together. Mix up the colors and darks and lights. Sew them right sides together and press all of the seams in the same direction Fig A.
  2. Cut the 5½” White square in half corner to corner on the diagonal.
  3. Lay the long edge of a white triangle centered on the long side of the strip set right sides together and sew as in Fig B. Press toward the White triangle.
  4. Repeat with the other white triangle on the other side of the strip set. Press to the White triangle.
  5. To trim the block evenly to 7” square - use an 8” or larger square ruler with a diagonal line. Place the block to match Fig C. The diagonal line (red line) on the ruler should run through the middle of the center rectangle. The 5” intersection and the 2” intersections on the ruler (red arrows) should be the about same distance from the seam lines. Trim the right side and top side of the block.
  6. Turn the block 180 degrees Fig D. Line up the 7” square lines on the ruler with the trimmed edges and trim the right and top edges.

Fig Cmarch lb fig c

Fig Dmarch lb fig d

Questions? Contact Laurie Paurazas
760-216-6234 - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Stepping Stones 6 ½” Finished Block
Inner Border 1” Outer Border 3” = 47” x 47”

march lb finished block

Table Runner 19” x 45” Inner Border 1” Outer Border 2”

march lb table runner

Inner Border 1” Outer Border 3” = 47” x 60”

march lb quilt

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