Hello and Happy New Year!

I hope you celebrated well with family and friends during this Holiday season. Perhaps you were even able to cozy up under a new quilt or decorate your home with a new table runner or wall hanging. Isn't it great to be able to surround ourselves with creativity and color? 

Many thanks to Linda Stanwood and the 2022 Board for their leadership and dedication this past year. It has been a delight to work alongside them as I prepare to undertake my new role as President for 2023. I am thrilled to say that this next group of Board members, along with our capable committee chairs, are already hard at work designing the very best programs, workshops and activities for the upcoming Guild year. You are in for a great year!

As a new year gets underway, some people are prompted to make New Year's Resolutions--decisions to start or stop doing something.  According to recent research, only about 9% of people actually keep those resolutions beyond the first month! The secret to being part of the group who succeed is to make resolutions that are highly relevant, timely and specific to you. So, fellow quilters and fiber artists, here are some relevant, timely and specific suggestions for a successful 2023:

  • Resolve to attend a Guild workshop or two.
  • Choose a new skill or technique to try or to improve.
  • Invite a friend to be your guest at one of our monthly meetings.
  • Participate in a philanthropic project at one of our Cuddle Construction Zones.
  • Volunteer to serve on a committee.
  • Sit next to someone new at the January meeting and make  a new friend. 

Here's to a wonderful and successful 2023 for us all!

Susan Stanchfield, President

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