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COLOR MY WORLD! The ECQ Crayon Challenge

Let's start 2023 with a colorful, creative challenge. At the January meeting, look for our special Crayon Challenge Table and join the fun! You'll register to participate and then buy a crayon or two to become your inspiration for a unique creation. Any shape, size or style is welcome. See the complete rules below.

All challenge entries will be due no later than the April meeting to celebrate National Crayon Day.


Using the color(s) you select, your challenge is to create a quilt or other fabric item using only those color(s). Any pattern or design.

You will be able to use any hue from light to dark in your selected color(s) with the addition of one accent color of either black, white or gray.

You may use solids or prints or a mixture of each.

In honor of National Crayon Day, March 31, your challenge entry is due at the April meeting on April 11, 2023. Please make sure to bring your crayon(s) back to display with your entry.

There will be three categories: Minis, Just-the-Top, and Quilts

Minis: Shortest side measures less than 30" (pillows, table runners, place mats, mug rugs, quilted bags, wall hangings can all count as minis) All minis must have finished edges. 

Just-the-Top: Unfinished quilt tops, any size from baby to bed.

(Shortest side must be at least 30”)

Quilts: Finished quilts, any size from baby to bed.

(Shortest side must be at least 30”)  Must have finished edges.

You can enter just for fun, for the personal challenge, because you like coloring books or to win a prize!


Each valid entry will receive one raffle ticket. A drawing will be held to choose one random winner in each category for a QIAD Gift Card.

In addition, there will also be one viewers' choice prize. All members in attendance at the April meeting will vote on their choice for the best project across all categories to win a QIAD Gift Card.