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Have we told you lately just how wonderful and inspiring all of you are? You are always asking us what we need and we frequently seem to say, “Baby Quilts”!

These are usually in the 40x40 inch range and can be completed start to finish on a domestic machine…but not always…sometimes you only want to do the tops. So we were inspired by you to find easy patterns that could be completed in 3 hours or less. Our Construction Zone at QIAD on the first Thursday of the month is from 9 to 12:30. Just enough time to sew up our new easy baby tops!

We will have kits for you to make so all you have to do is bring your machine, thread, and tools. These quilts will primarily go to military babies through the Armed Services YMCA at Camp Pendleton and the Federation of Women Warriors. A few will go to Angels Foster Family Network.

So we hope this makes the full circle to inspire you to come to our Construction Zones and work on these beautiful baby creations.

Cuddle wants to thank Diana Lacey for fixing our tabletop ironing board. It has had a hole in the fabric that was getting bigger the last few months. Just when Candy said she would take it home to fix, here came Diana to the Oceanside Cuddle Zone with new fabric, batting and a staple gun to do the repairs. Thanks again, Diana!