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At Cuddle we get asked lots of questions. Our favorite one is, “What do you need most?” Our answer varies from need to need and season to season.

Right now until early December we need 13”x17” placemats. Typically these are made with Christmas/Holiday fabric on one side, any fabric for the back, and batting between them. The edges can be finished with either “birthing” or binding techniques. They are for the Oceanside and San Marcos Senior Centers.

Also needed for homebound seniors are 40”x40” wheelchair quilts. We have lots of panels that can be used for these. Just frame the panels with borders of coordinating fabrics. This technique can also be used to make baby/toddler 40”x40” quilts. We also have baby/kid panels that can quickly be turned into cute, colorful quilts. Baby quilts are probably our most needed item anytime of the year. Most of these go to Marine/military babies. We also use this same size for toddlers at Angels Foster Family Network.

This 40”x40” size is small enough to do simple quilting on a domestic machine in or- der to complete the project all by yourself…if you want to…but if you don’t you can hand off the tops to us! We at Cuddle appreciate all that you do!

Suggested Quilt Sizes ...

Baby/Wheelchair/Angels Receiving Blankets:     40"x40"

Baby/Toddler Quilts:     40-45"x40-50"

Lap/Teens/Adults:     48-60"x60-76"

Breckenridge or San Pasqual Academy:     64-70"x76-90" 

Workshops ...

Quilt In a Day (QIAD):     1st Thursday of each month --  9-12:30pm

El Corazon Senior Center (Oceanside):     3rd Thursday of each month -- 9-3pm

San Marcos Senior Center:     4th Monday of each month -- 9-3pm