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Change...the word itself causes a fight or flight response in many people.  Not me!  I like change--especially if there's a big reason for it--but even a medium reason is good enough.

So, the name "Workshop" is shared by both Cuddle and Programs, which can cause some confusion.  Cuddle is free, but the other is not.  So in order to only have one kind of workshop, Cuddle will now become:            CUDDLE CONSTRUCTION ZONES

No eye rolling, ok?  I diligently searched my Roget's Thesaurus and eliminated names that were boring, obscure, not quite right, or down right obnoxious/politically incorrect.  Besides, we do construction and the word "Zone" is just a kick!  You know, quiet zone to danger zone; zoning in and/or out; and my fave...Fun Zone!

We will have "bosses" for our zones.  Candy Mittag and Jan Jordan will co-boss Oceanside El Corazon and San Marcos Senior Centers, while Julie Calvario will be the boss at QIAD.

Safety helmets and goggles are not required!  See you in the Zone!



Quilt In a Day (QIAD):   1st Thursday of each month --  9-12:30pm

El Corazon Senior Center (Oceanside):  3rd Thursday of each month -- 9-3pm

San Marcos Senior Center:   4th Monday of each month -- 9-3pm


Suggested Quilt Sizes ...

Baby/Wheelchair/Angels Receiving Blankets:     40"x40"

Baby/Toddler Quilts:     40-45"x40-50"

Lap/Teens/Adults:     48-60"x60-76"

Breckenridge or San Pasqual Academy:     64-70"x76-90"