So last month I brought up the subject of change.  This had to do with changing to our "Construction Zones".  This was a change that was initiated by us.  But what about the changes that we observe?

Years ago Cuddle had a 10'x10' storage space; now we have a 10'x20'.  Both were/are filled with fabric donations.  Even the donations have changed.  We have received fabrics that have increased in size and quality.  These are incorporated into all of the projects that we construct.  So over time our quilts, pillowcases, placemats, receiving blankets, and NICU blankets have gotten more colorful and just nicer in general.

This observable change just makes our job nicer too.

So we thank you for your donations and for working with these fabrics to produce beautiful items that give warmth and cheer to those who receive them.


Quilt In a Day (QIAD):   1st Thursday of each month --  9-12:30pm

El Corazon Senior Center (Oceanside):  3rd Thursday of each month -- 9-3pm

San Marcos Senior Center:   4th Monday of each month -- 9-3pm


Suggested Quilt Sizes ...

Baby/Wheelchair/Angels Receiving Blankets:     40"x40"

Baby/Toddler Quilts:     40-45"x40-50"

Lap/Teens/Adults:     48-60"x60-76"

Breckenridge or San Pasqual Academy:     64-70"x76-90"


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