Why Are Quilts Special?


My Roget's Thesaurus keeps me from endless repetition which can easily put the reader to sleep.  I've come to depend on its collection of words that lead me to the ones that are just right...until now. 

I was puzzling away with why quilts are special.  I went through all those possibilities of "close to" words that define "special" and not one of them worked.

After no small amount of circular reasoning I finally got to:  "But why are quilts special?"

It has nothing to do with words.

As we create each one, our thoughts, plans and heart are fused into the fibers and threads of our finished project.  That project is donated and I think the recipients of these quilts somehow get a sense of us through our work--now that is special!--especially the heart part!


Suggested Quilt Sizes ...

Baby/Wheelchair/Angels Receiving Blankets:     40"x40"

Baby/Toddler Quilts:     40-45"x40-50"

Lap/Teens/Adults:     48-60"x60-76"

Breckenridge or San Pasqual Academy:     64-70"x76-90"


Workshops ...

Quilt In a Day (QIAD):     1st Thursday of each month --  9-12:30pm

El Corazon Senior Center (Oceanside):     3rd Thursday of each month -- 9-3pm

San Marcos Senior Center:     4th Monday of each month -- 9-3pm


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