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Friendship Circles

It has come to my attention that several of our guild’s friendship circles struggled and even “fizzled out” during Covid. I am aware that not all groups last beyond several years for a number of reasons including care responsibilities for family members, work conflicts, illness, relocations and sadly, even members passing away. (My own group has experienced three of the four above!)

If your group is no longer functioning at its peak, maybe it’s time to consider adding more members or starting a new group entirely. (Some quilters belong to more than one circle.)

I have received inquiries from members interested in joining or forming circles with a focus on modern quilts, appliqué and collage techniques.  If this appeals to you, please let me know as I’m putting members in touch with one another to facilitate starting these new groups.

(Note:  I will not be at the March meeting, but hope to have someone manning the table with forms to fill out for those interested.)

Karen Brow-Meier

Best contact method is to fill out a form at a guild meeting or to email me through this link on my website below:

  Java House Quilts

 Karen Brow-Meier, Designer