October Birthday Corrections

Hi to All You Quilty Ladies of El Camino Quilters,

We have discovered that our October Birthday List had quite a few errors.  Some of you might have noticed that you now have an October birthday instead of your actual August birthday.  And some of you might have noticed that you were not included on the list.  We deeply apologize for this mix-up and will try to catch any glitches in the future.   Now, here is the actual (and correct) October Birthday List!!


                Gail Yakos                          10/01                                          Melanie Jocson                 10/19

                Debbie Miller                     10/07                                          Bonnie Cornish                10/20

                Sharon Rexinger               10/09                                          Lina Rao                             10/20

                Mona Marra                       10/10                                         Gayle Gegenhuber          10/22

                Kim Freed                           10/11                                          Lou Collins                        10/24

                Julie Carson                        10/11                                          Nancy Ganske                  10/29

                Alice Rig                               10/12                                         Beverly Tyner                   10/29

                 Sandy Buckley                   10/15    

Thank you for your understanding, and don't forget to bring your birthday bag to the October guild meeting!

Membership Committee

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