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My daughter, Vicki, delivered the Circles in the Squares 2022 Opportunity Quilt to Lynda Reynolds in  Chula Vista on December 15.  Lynda believes she bought the winning ticket at her Chula Vista guild meeting.  She is absolutely thrilled with the quilt and can hardly believe she won it.  She loved everything about it...the Kaffe fabrics, the pattern and the workmanship.  Lynda is going to send me a photo of herself with the quilt, which I will post on our website.


Thank you Patti Rusk and your committee for all the time and effort you put into the project.  Vicki was quite taken with Lynda and her home, a 100 year old Craftsman in mint condition with the original shiny wood floors and Craftsman details.  Lynda ended up giving Vicki a tour of the home which my daughter enjoyed immensely.  We have a new friend.


It is gratifying to know that the quilt was won by a quilter who appreciates the beauty of the pattern and fabrics and the workmanship involved in its production.

Cece Blankenship