As I write this letter, I am looking at a beautiful piece of fabric art, framed and hanging in my entry hall. It is a somewhat abstract representation of a stream bed. You can make out the shapes of rocks and leaves, but at the same time there is a sense of flowing water. It was created by a Ukrainian fabric artist who fled to Poland with her husband some years ago when the government of Ukraine was taken over by a Russian backed president. The artist’s husband had been a government translator who had worked with my husband on a business deal in Ukraine. She now sells her fabric art to support herself and her husband in their new life in Poland.

As I look at the fabric, I am reminded of how our art brings us together across international borders and how the fabric of our lives is interwoven with people throughout the world. And I pray for the brave people of Ukraine who are now struggling through this senseless, devastating war. Let’s all pray for peace.

On a happier note, we are making some changes to our COVID guidelines in accordance with the recommendations of the health authorities and due to the precipitous drop in COVID cases. With our April meeting, masks will be optional. We encourage those of you who have health issues or are concerned about exposure to the virus to continue to wear masks. At this time, we are also welcoming back our entire community, regardless of vaccination status. In the spirit of taking care of ourselves and each other, masks are required for those members attending in person who are not fully vaccinated.

We will continue to offer Zoom as an alternative for those of you who are not ready to meet in person. I’m sure you have noticed the improvement in our Zoom presentation as Kris Doan, our Zoom guru, has been working on ways to make the presentation clearer and easier to follow. The Board has decided to continue offering the meetings via Zoom through the end of this year, so if you aren’t able to attend in person for any reason (including our members from out of town and even out of state) please take advantage of the Zoom option.

Happy quilting,

Linda Stanwood President

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