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Happy May! This issue of Quilt Scraps is FULL of wonderful information so make sure to click “View Entire Message” so you can be up to date on everything. We enjoyed a wonderful historical program in April and this month we have our very own Karen Brow-Meier on hand to inspire us.

Many of you were able to attend the local Quilter’s Run and support neighborhood shops. We are so fortunate to have many local retailers to keep us supplied and inspired. Another run is right around the corner in July.

Last month 13 of our new members were able to attend our Newcomer’s Tea hosted by our Quilt Chicks Friendship Group. I was so delighted to get to know them. We all felt like we came away with new friends.

Among the grateful comments I received was a new member who wrote:

It is easy for someone new to get “lost” but what I appreciate most about this group of El Camino Quilters are the many opportunities to get involved and participate.

Keep reading to learn how you can find your place in the many new events and activities ahead….both inside the Guild and outside in our community.

And, as a growing Guild, we always have room for new members and guests so don’t forget you can use your Guest Pass to spread the word and invite a friend.

Keep sewing!