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Happy November!  Welcome to the month when we are reminded to be THANKFUL.

There are the obvious items that are highlighted in advertising at this time of year – family, friends, food. And we, of course, add FABRIC to that list.

I wish we didn’t need to be reminded.

November isn’t the only time of year to reflect on all we can be THANKFUL for, but it is good to take the time to stop and do that.

At this month’s meeting, we will have an opportunity to hear from some of the local organizations that we support through our Cuddle Quilts philanthropy.

We will hear how THANKFUL these groups are to receive the many fabric items we provide to babies, veterans, seniors, hospitalized and traumatized.

Also at this meeting, you’ll have a chance to continue your support of our work to these recipients. All of the proceeds from purchases made at our Wintertide Market will go to providing the necessary batting to complete these quilted projects. THANK YOU for your generosity.

I am THANKFUL that I can use my creativity not just to warm the beds and walls of my own home but to provide for others in our community.

I am THANKFUL that I belong to a group who sees the needs of others and responds.

I am THANKFUL for all of you!

Let’s keep quilting!