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UFO Challenge 2023 is on its way! WOOHOO!

We are so excited to have a lot of our wonderful guild members sign up for this year…. but…. It’d be so much more fun to have more of you involved. I know you all must have a UFO or 2. Maybe thoughts of a new quilt swimming around your head. Why not "JUST DO IT”.  Nike started this slogan in 1988. It was embraced as a call to action. So I am sending out this call to action… Wanna finish a quilt? JUST DO IT! Wanna be creative & design your own quilt? JUST DO IT! Wanna learn more of the periodic table of sewing elements (see below)? JUST DO IT! Wanna win prizes? Sign up for the UFO Challenge. JUST DO IT!

Check the El Camino Quilter’s website for details & sign up sheet or come to our table the next meeting… "JUST DO IT”.

Happy Quilting, 

Mar, Kathy, Rena