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UFO Challenge!! Join our fun group!!

UFOSign up during the February or March meetings. Win prizes, get projects finished. You can’t lose!   

It’s only $10. Just find those 4 projects you want to get done this year, grab a form & come to our table to sign up. Your 1st project listed must be the 1st one completed. That date is March 31st by midnight. Send an email or text with a photo of the project complete- showing binding, quilting & a label. You then will be entered into a $25 gift card drawing to be pulled at the April meeting. (HINT: pick the fastest project to finish 1st) The other 3 projects can be finished in any order by the due dates on the form. Each quarter will be a $25 drawing. In December we will have our quarterly drawing as well as our BIG finale worth BIG bucks & many prizes for those that complete ALL 4 projects by the due dates. You also get a Button to add to your UFO badge of honor you’ll get when signing up (if you don’t already have one). P.S. If you are an overachiever you can finish all your projects asap & not stress the rest of the year. Yes, we have had some do that! That would NOT be me - ha ha!