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If you didn’t volunteer to participate as a Board member for the coming year, there are still lots of ways for you to plug in and support all the great activities of our guild. I’d like to highlight a few for you as you consider how you can join us.


Did you know that we have had over 50 guests at our Guild meetings this year, many of whom have become NEW MEMBERS? This is fantastic growth! Some of these new friends find us because they are invited by current members but we have heard from many people (including some current Board members) that they first heard about our Guild by reading an article in one of our local newspapers. This is an important way to attract and inform new members and our faithful Suzanne Tobey has been handling PUBLICITY for over ten years! Many thanks, Suzanne.

It is time for Suzanne to step away from this role and she is eager to pass along all of her contact information for local news outlets and online forums so that the great advertisement for our Guild can continue.


Once these guests hear about the Guild and arrive at a meeting, we want to make sure they are welcomed and feel connected right away! I’m sure you can imagine how important this is! Maybe you yourself have arrived at an event, perhaps not knowing anyone, not sure about what to expect and looking for a friendly face to greet you and show you around. We need several people who would be willing to arrive a bit early to the meeting, greet guests at the door and then serve as “hostesses” sitting with these new friends and helping them get acquainted with the members and activities of our Guild. If you can be that friendly face of welcome and enjoy meeting new people, please consider helping in this way.


Do you think it is impressive when someone has a PhD? It usually represents years of hard work and effort and a dedication to careful and thorough research into a subject.

Well, I have SEVERAL PhDs…..”Projects Half Done” That’s why I love our Guild’s UFO program.

Our fun “incentive program” (where you can win prizes for completing projects) is looking for new leadership as well. Suzie Owen has volunteered to help with this but as with just about everything, this job is more fun when a few people can do it together. Maybe you’d like the nagging, cajoling, encouragement yourself to finish some of your projects and helping to lead the UFO program will be just the personal push to help you reach your goals. Celebrating with the participants and seeing all the finished projects each month is one of the highlights of this job….it is like an ongoing session of Show and Tell Sharing!


We would like to thank Robin Sutherland for handling the marketing and ticket sales for our  Opportunity Quilts. Robin has traveled all over Southern California, visiting other Quilt Guilds with our quilt and selling tickets to support our Guild. She has arranged and organized teams of volunteers to serve as white glove hostesses at local Quilt Shows so that we can display our Quilt to even wider audiences. And she has faithfully coordinated the calendar of visitors from other Guilds who come to show their Opportunity Quilts to us and sell tickets at our meetings.

Thank you, Robin. As she steps aside from this role, we are looking for someone, or a couple of someones, to take on this job. At our December meeting we will be revealing our 2024 Opportunity Quilt, made by Cece Blankenship and Jeanette Blackburn and quilted by Gretchen Clare. We want to make sure that it gets wide exposure this coming year as a Guild fundraiser