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Quilt Scraps


The September 30th deadline brings our third $25 drawing during the October Guild meeting. Only one more UFO to finish! I don't know about you but for me, this year is zooming by. Sometimes a bit overwhelming but I love having quilting to rest my mind, get the creative juices flowing and share with others.

Pouring through all of these beautiful fabrics, the colors, the textures and all of the designs right there at our fingertips, is magic to the quilter's soul. When I started quilting in the late 1970s it was hard to find 100% cotton fabrics for quilting. Scissors for cutting was the norm. Using cereal boxes and the plastic inserts from bacon packages made the perfect templates. We've come a long way! The first rotary cutter was introduced by the Olfa company in 1979 for garment making, however, it was quickly adopted by quilters. Omnigrid started marketing rulers in 1985. Thank goodness, right? Love, love, love rotary cutters and rulers! We have so much more available for us today. Hmmm, maybe that contributes to my UFO stack! Well, I better get busy on my next one.


Send us your photos when you're finished.  Seeing your UFO photosUFO oct

is always exciting and inspirational. Good luck in the drawing!

Happy Quilting.

Mar, Kathy and Rena


This month I will be emailing friendship group contacts to get a current roster of members. If you don't hear from me, please reach out. We have a few new groups started for which I don't have a membership list and I'd like to update any changes to some older established friendship circles as well.

There is an effort to see where the Guild stands in both interests and participation. This kind of information helps your board pick speakers and plan workshops and events which appeal to our members' interests.

Thanks in advance.

Karen Brow-Meier



01   Mary Hyde

01   Gail Yakos

04   Ann Mills

05   Carleen Hunter

09   Sharon Rexinger

10   Mona Marra  

11   Julie Calvario 

11   Kim Freed

12   Alice Rigg

20   Lina Rao

20   Bonnie Cornish

24   Lou Collins

25   Debra Dubbs

25   Nancy Ganske

29   Marsha Fowler

29   Phyllis Walker

29   Beverly Tyner

31   Charlotte St. Laurent




Checking                               $13,750

Savings                                   $52,096


 Workshops                          $330

Guild Challenge              $342

Treasure Table                $188

Name Tags                        $20

Opportunity Quilt             $172

Tote Bags                           $90

Retreat Deposits               $300

Membership                      $120G

UFO                                     $10

TOTAL                                 $1,572


Programs/workshops             $1.736

Venue rent                          $542

Bank Fees                            $3

Treasure Table                    $14

Retreat Refunds                  $300

TOTAL                                   $2,595


Checking                              $12,856

Savings                                 $52,096







"STOP THE PRESSES!" I've always wanted to say that, even though we don't use the old press any longer. As the new and inexperienced editor of Quilt Scraps, I want to apologize for any articles that I may have lost, any images that I couldn't resize or transfer, and any other mistakes I have managed to do to my premiere newsletter. I do promise to do my best and give my all in the future. I want to make Quilt Scraps an informative and fun newsletter to read. Please bear with me during my learning process, and please let me know about my errors so that I won't keep repeating them.

Thank you all!

Jeanette Blackburn, Editor

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




falling leavesColors – Select 3 Fabrics in any combination of Fall colors you like. The background fabric can be light or dark but must have good contrast with the large leaf fabric.


For instructions on making this block, click here: Falling Leaves 8-27.docx.pdf




It's just around the corner, our Holiday Luncheon on December 12th! We will again be having Panera's sandwich box lunches. To make your reservations for the party, please see Shelly or Cece at the Ways and Means table during our October Guild meeting. This year we are asking members to pay $10 per person to help defray some of the costs. Sign up early so you won't miss out on the food, fun and games! This event is for Members only.

And, oh yes, at the Ways and Means Table there just may be another homemade pie awaiting a lucky winner! Tickets $1 each. Oh my, what kind of pie will it be? A yummy one, for sure!

Cece Blankenship and Shelly Hoffmanapple pie



Join us on Thursday, January 18, 2024, on our Road To California Quilt Show bus trip! Ride in comfort to the Quilt Show in Ontario, CA.,  see the quilts on display and shop till you drop!  Then (this may be the best part!) let a professional do the driving while you share your new treasures with your fellow riders and/or nap on the way home. We will be leaving at 8:00 a.m. sharp on Thursday morning and plan to be back by 6:00 p.m.  The cost of this trip is $75 which includes bus rental, admission ticket to the show, as well as prizes, goodies and a guaranteed good time. Look for our table at the October Guild meeting, get more information and sign up! We take cash, check and credit cards for payment. You can also sign up on our website at El Camino This is always a fun event and we hope you will join us!

Debbie Cahill and Donna Green


President's Letter - September

Happy September,

Now that Hurricane Season has passed (wink, wink), I guess we are moving towards yet another season. I always want to cling a bit longer to the warm weather and sunshine that we  experience here and not rush too quickly into the crisp, cool days of Fall. But, along with all the outdoor fun I've enjoyed in the warm weather, my busy summer responsibilities have kept me away from my "Sewing Space" and I'm finding myself getting downright grumpy. 

I came across this recently and thought I'd share it with you.

 e615e076 9c8c 4fde a444 595d3620fbe0 1 201 a


Isn't that true? matter what "ails us", the solution sometimes is as simple as the Need to Quilt!

If you happen to be feeling "under the weather" I hope you can find some time to get to your sewing space. Either alone or with friends you can find joy and delight in the creativity and color that this wonderful hobby provides. And, while you are sewing, please take some time to reflect on all the benefits that our Guild has provided to you by way of speakers, workshops and activities and consider how you can step in and help make these things happen for the quilters around you. Say "yes"!

Keep on quilting,