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Quilt Scraps

Sewing Notions for Ukrainian and Afghani Refugees

The American Sewing Guild (ASG) has been collecting sewing machines for the last 2 years, getting them serviced and giving them to Afghani and Ukrainian refugees.

Now ASG is collecting sewing notions for February and March to give to the sewers. If you have extra scissors, pins, seam rippers, measuring tapes and any other sewing notions that you would like to donate, Cuddle will have a box at the March meeting to put your donations in. If you are like me, I have lots of duplicates I will be paring down to go to a new home.  

Candy Mittag


Shadow ‘n Shinelucky block


White Background - White or White on White 

Black Background - Black Solid or Tone on Tone

Choose One Color - A Light Tone on Tone, Solid, Batik or Print  

                               - and a Medium or Medium Dark Tone on

                                 Tone, Solid, Batik or Print in the same Color


For instructions on how to make the Shadow 'n Shine Lucky Block for March, click on the following link:

Shadow Shine.pdf


UFO Challenge 2023 is on its way! WOOHOO!

We are so excited to have a lot of our wonderful guild members sign up for this year…. but…. It’d be so much more fun to have more of you involved. I know you all must have a UFO or 2. Maybe thoughts of a new quilt swimming around your head. Why not "JUST DO IT”.  Nike started this slogan in 1988. It was embraced as a call to action. So I am sending out this call to action… Wanna finish a quilt? JUST DO IT! Wanna be creative & design your own quilt? JUST DO IT! Wanna learn more of the periodic table of sewing elements (see below)? JUST DO IT! Wanna win prizes? Sign up for the UFO Challenge. JUST DO IT!

Check the El Camino Quilter’s website for details & sign up sheet or come to our table the next meeting… "JUST DO IT”.

Happy Quilting, 

Mar, Kathy, Rena

Crayon Challenge Update

The deadline is fast approaching for our ECQ Crayon Challenge but it's not too late to get in on the fun! You can still purchase a crayon at the March meeting and have a month to finish your project. Complete Challenge Rules can be found on our website under Guild Activities, Guild Challenges.

You may bring your completed item any time but all submissions are due at the April meeting, April 11, 2023 in order to qualify for a prize. Prizes will be awarded by random drawing in each of three categories: mini, just-the-top and quilt. In addition, all attendees at the April meeting will receive a Viewer's Choice ballot and an additional prize will be awarded for the top vote-getter across all categories : One BIG winner for the favorite item. Don't forget to attach your crayon to your submission (even just pin the baggie to the top) so we can admire how that color became your inspiration.

Thanks for participating.

Friendship Circles

It has come to my attention that several of our guild’s friendship circles struggled and even “fizzled out” during Covid. I am aware that not all groups last beyond several years for a number of reasons including care responsibilities for family members, work conflicts, illness, relocations and sadly, even members passing away. (My own group has experienced three of the four above!)

If your group is no longer functioning at its peak, maybe it’s time to consider adding more members or starting a new group entirely. (Some quilters belong to more than one circle.)

I have received inquiries from members interested in joining or forming circles with a focus on modern quilts, appliqué and collage techniques.  If this appeals to you, please let me know as I’m putting members in touch with one another to facilitate starting these new groups.

(Note:  I will not be at the March meeting, but hope to have someone manning the table with forms to fill out for those interested.)

Karen Brow-Meier

Best contact method is to fill out a form at a guild meeting or to email me through this link on my website below:

  Java House Quilts

 Karen Brow-Meier, Designer


We are starting a new Guild Friendship Group for those who love Featherweight sewing machines!  Learn all about your own machine, how to use the attachments, make special projects and more.  If you don't own a Featherweight, feel free to join us and see what all the fuss is about!

If interested in meeting once a month with fellow Featherweight lovers, sign up at the March Guild meeting at the Featherweight Demo Table or e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Jeanette and Tom Blackburn

Membership News

A super thank you to all of you who have already renewed your membership.  We received over 100 renewals and new memberships at our February meeting!  While we were a bit overwhelmed, this really simplified our job to get all memberships completed in March.  Our membership year begins in March, so your $60 renewal fee is due by the March 14th meeting.  At the meeting, you will be able to pick up a packet with your membership card, 25 tickets for this years Opportunity Quilt, a guest pass and a bookmark listing all the speakers for this year.


It saves the guild a couple of dollars when you submit an old fashioned check, or cash, but we can also take credit cards.  We will have extra people in hand at the March meeting to collect your membership renewals, or you can submit the renewal form and your check to our P.O. Box.  The membership form is available on our website.  Please double check for any changes in your contact information.


Membership Committee, Carol, Dana, Ellen and Anna

Treasure Table Tidbits

A big thank you to all who bought tickets for the February drawing.  This means more batting for Cuddle Quilts, where our proceeds go.

We have a theme for each month, and hope you enjoy our special baskets and the variety of items to choose from when your ticket is drawn.  BTW, if you’re wondering where all our “treasures” come from, many are donated by members.  And a big thank you to all of you who have donated!  So… if you have doubles of something, or gently used items, keep us in mind.

Did you know that March is “Women’s History Month”?  And March 18th is National Quilting Day!  We all know what our craft has done, and still does, to celebrate events, comfort both strangers and loved ones, and add to the beauty of the world.  So come celebrate with us.

Our goal is to make it even more fun spending money, as you support Cuddle Quilts.

Barbara, Sharon & Ann

Newcomer's Welcome Tea

We LOVE new members!

Welcome to the Guild! We are delighted that you have decided to become a member of El Camino Quilters. In an effort to help you get connected to to learn more about the many activites and events we have to offer, you are invited to attend the next Newcomer's Welcome Tea scheduled for Thursday, April 13, 2023 at 10:00. At the tea you will meet the Guild President and other Board members, get acquainted with other new members and enjoy a lovely display of goodies and beverages provided  by one of our Guild's Friendship Groups: The Quilt Chicks! Space is limited and reservations are required so please RSVP to Susan Stanchfield, Guild President at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to attend. We look forward to meeting you.