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Quilt Scraps

Treasure Table Tidbits

We want you to know how much fun we are having filling the theme baskets we started this year. It is just $5.00 per ticket for a chance to win it.  This month’s theme is ‘Hawaii’.  We’d like to say there is a trip to Hawaii in the basket but alas our budget doesn’t stretch that far.  It does include some fabric actually purchased in Honolulu and lots of other treasures. Please come take a look.

July’s basket will be a Patriotic theme.  We always appreciate donations of items for our baskets, fabric, notions and patterns. A huge Thank You to all who have donated already.  We try to have different fabrics, notions and patterns each month.  Tickets are only $1.00 each or 6 for $5.00.  Our goal is to raise money for the batting that Cuddle quilts needs to finish their projects.

Barbara, Sharon and Ann

The Treasure Table Team

Volunteers Still Needed!




Big thanks to our new teams of volunteers.

We could still use a few more hands to help out with our Sharing at the end of each meeting.

Without a stage or platform, it is especially helpful to parade the quilts through the room for us all to appreciate them but to do this we need help. Please consider this opportunity to participate for a few minutes each month.

We are also looking for additional help with editing and producing  our newsletter each month. Please contact Susan Stanchfield at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Also, check out Robin's article about the chance to help as a White Glove volunteer at the upcoming Long Beach Show.

I’M A WINNER! by Jeanette Blackburn

Several weeks ago our Guild received a notice about the Antelope Valley Quilt Association's "Festival of Quilts" show. We lived and raised our kids in Lancaster, CA. for 20 long, hot, windy years. I have had no desire to go back there, but this Quilt Show notice caught my attention. I personally found it impossible to feel inspired to do anything artistic in that harsh environment.  So, these ladies must be super human, filled with that Pioneer Spirit. Maybe it was time to head up to the High Desert and check out this show.


On Saturday, May 20th, the first thing I saw when I entered the room at the Antelope Valley Fairgrounds was the Opportunity Quilt, "Celebrating the U.S.A.". Being a Fourth of July baby, I felt the quilt calling my name. So, I bought my $5 worth of tickets, and felt I was going to be the winner. A few tables further down the room they had those fancy baskets filled with a variety of goodies. At the very end was a basket filled with Patriotic fabrics.  Well, of course, I had to buy tickets for this raffle also. I figured between the Opportunity Quilt and the fancy basket, I was a sure winner.  You know, July 4th, red, white and blue. To me it was kismet.


The show was on the small side, but they had lots of vendors and a fair amount of local quilts to exhibit.Their featured artist was Lynell Rodio. Her works were very impressive and colorful. My husband found the guy who had the Vintage Sewing Machines Exhibit. After a couple of hours, we felt we had seen it all, several times over, and agreed not to come back the next day for the auction and the raffle drawings.


Back at home, I got THE CALL!  I WAS A WINNER!  I had won the Opportunity Quilt!  Wow! I was so excited! I'm still thrilled and amazed.  I am loving my quilt and will continue to buy tickets for those Opportunity Quilts from the visiting Guilds, and make more of an effort to visit the local Guild Quilt Shows.  I didn't win that fancy fabric basket but that's okay.  I got my original design and custom quilted Patriotic Quilt. I am one Happy Quilter!



Attached is a flyer for our "Flea Market of the Mist" event on July 11th.   We're offering great deals on fabric, notions and other quilting goodies. The event is free to all, and we're hoping to have a good turnout.  For details, click on this link:  Flea Market of the Mist Flyer.pdf



June Birthdays

02   Bonnie Engel

02   Janet Pollat

07   Mary Jo Ewing

12   Suzanne Tobey

13   Susie Shkolnik

15   Candy Mittag

19   Marita Eatherly

19   Linda Kelly

25   Linda Shelton

27   Patti Rusk

29   Elizabeth Hoitt   



Committee Deposits.                 $457

Workshops.                                   $300

Membership Dues.                     $937

TOTAL.                                          $1,694



Tax Accountant Fee.                  $450

Program/Workshop Cost.         $1,809

Program Kits (12).                       $540

State Registration Fee.               $25

Bank Fee.                                     $10

Challenge Quilt Prizes.              $50

Name Badge Costs.                   $402

Venue Rent (May).                     $542

TOTAL.                                         $3,848

Ending Bank Balance April 30, 2023

Checking.                                    $9,445

Savings.                                       $52,095


Jeanette Blackburn, Treasurer

Sandy Buckley

It is with deep regret that we pass on the news that this past week we lost an inspirational and prolific guild member.  Sandy Buckley has had a profound impact on our guild and the quilters who knew her.   Sandy ran our quilt challenges for many years, and more recently, was in charge of sharing at the end of each guild meeting.  She was a cheerful and hardworking volunteer and a dear friend of many of our guild members.  Her memorial service will be June 24.  We will provide the membership with more information about the service when we receive it.  Our thoughts are with her family, who sent us this beautiful tribute:

Sandy Buckley



To See the Complete Newsletter

Don't forget to click on VIEW ENTIRE MESSAGE at the bottom of your email in order to see our complete newsletter!

Our next Guild meeting will be Tuesday, June 13 at 9:30 a.m at the El Corazon Senior Center, 3302 Senior Center Drive, Oceanside, CA.


Happy May! This issue of Quilt Scraps is FULL of wonderful information so make sure to click “View Entire Message” so you can be up to date on everything. We enjoyed a wonderful historical program in April and this month we have our very own Karen Brow-Meier on hand to inspire us.

Many of you were able to attend the local Quilter’s Run and support neighborhood shops. We are so fortunate to have many local retailers to keep us supplied and inspired. Another run is right around the corner in July.

Last month 13 of our new members were able to attend our Newcomer’s Tea hosted by our Quilt Chicks Friendship Group. I was so delighted to get to know them. We all felt like we came away with new friends.

Among the grateful comments I received was a new member who wrote:

It is easy for someone new to get “lost” but what I appreciate most about this group of El Camino Quilters are the many opportunities to get involved and participate.

Keep reading to learn how you can find your place in the many new events and activities ahead….both inside the Guild and outside in our community.

And, as a growing Guild, we always have room for new members and guests so don’t forget you can use your Guest Pass to spread the word and invite a friend.

Keep sewing!