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el camino quilters

North San Diego County's Premier Quilting Guild


Pull out those UFOs ladies & gents, let's keep it going! We’ve hit the halfway mark. Congrats!!
Finish your 3rd project by September 30th, send us your pics so we can mark you down & you’ll be in the drawing at our October meeting!
Can you believe it's almost FALL? That got me thinking (a dangerous thing to do). Why is this upcoming season called “Fall”? Well, this is what I found….  This time of year was originally called Harvest -not Fall or Autumn. But that was confusing because different crops are harvested at different times of the year, thus the name change. ‘Autumn', dating back to the early 1300s, was used by the Brits but ‘Fall' became the word of choice among Americans in the 1800’s. Fall most likely stems from the 'falling of leaves'. So get out those pumpkin spice candles, pull out those cozy sweaters, cook up a pot of soup & work on those UFOs. OK, the sweaters won’t come out here in SD for a few months yet but you get the picture. Enjoy quilting my friends & look for falling leaves.
-Mar & the UFO gang

Hey UFO Groupies! What a fun meeting last month. I took the guild class from Lauretta Crites. It was great. I added another UFO to my quilt studio. Let’s see if I can get it done for our August meeting so I don’t put it on next years list -LOL. What are YOU working on? Just a reminder that it’s never too late to turn in a UFO for 2023! Our next due date is Sept 30th, drawing to be held during our October meeting. Our WINNER this quarter is SUZIE OWEN! Congratulations for winning a $25.00 gift card to Quilt in a Day. 


Happy quilting, Mar, Kathy & Rena


PS If you are new to quilting or the UFO group please ask questions. That’s how we all learn. We love to share our passion of quilting & we can all learn more about it


Please note: Due Date for Challenge #2 is JUNE 30th as was mentioned in our June meeting. Some of the paperwork incorrectly states July 31. We are sorry for the confusion.


We had a wonderful speaker for our June meeting. I’m inspired to start yet another project! "Hold your horses”, I say to myself!! How do I get all my ideas done? My head swirls with designs, colors, new ideas, QUILTS, QUILTS, QUILTS - I want to make more quilts! There are not enough hours in a day, days in a week, weeks in a year. FOCUS - darned if my mind can’t stay focused for long on just one project. Are any of you like me? That’s why I really like having my UFO challenges written down & a goal of a finish date. 

I love to see the quilts come in so we can mark them off. Everyone’s projects are so unique & special. Can you believe that some of our talented members have ALL 4 of theirs done already? Well, I’m working hard to get my second one done in time. So if you are working on your first (a little late), your second (barely under the wire), your third (she plans ahead) or your fourth (over achiever) just keep on quilting & let’s get some of those beauties & oldies done so you can start on something new. Oh & for those that are already done with all four…  as they say in the south “Bless your little ole heart!" That is said a bit sarcastically but with a large dose of jealously. Ha ha ha. ♡ Honestly I’d love to be in your shoes…. There’s always next year…

Our July meeting will be the 2nd drawing for the $25.00 gift card! Don't miss your chance! & get started on your next project due Sept 30th.  

Happy Quilting & Happy Fourth of July!, Mar



Challenge Quilts             $47

Membership dues          $300

Name Badges                  $80

Opportunity Quilt           $130

Retreat Deposits             $4,050

Treasure Table                $180

Workshops.                     $925



Cuddle Quilts batting    $260

Speaker/Workshop       $1,100

Tote Bags                        $445

Treasure Table              $7.50

Venue (June)                  $542.50


Ending Bank Balances May 31, 2023

Checking                       $13,953.93

Savings                          $52,095.61

Jeanette Blackburn, Treasurer




Spring has sprung & summer is nearly here! The gardens need a bit more tending but there is still time to get those UFO projects done. The beautiful finished projects we are seeing are amazing! We’d love to see more.

Happy Quilting!!

2023 Opportunity Quilt

2022 Opportunity Quilt


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