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A Letter from the President-Elect

Hello from Susan Stanchfield, the President-Elect

Happy November, Quilters!

As I write this I'm in Santa Clara, CA attending the Pacific International Quilt Festival. Being here makes me reflect on what makes the world of quilting and fiber arts so wonderful. Obviously, a gathering such as this, with hundreds of examples of spectacular artistry and detailed craftsmanship is both beautiful and inspiring.  As at every big quilt show, there are classes, lectures and a huge vendor's mall. There are award winning quilts, garments and fabric challenges. There are special exhibits; some whimsical, some thought-provoking and some deeply moving. I was especially touched by the exhibit put together by Mary Mashuta, the twin sister of the late Roberta Horton, prolific quilt teacher and author who passed away last year. Mary invited 50 quilters who had been mentored and inspired by Roberta through the decades to create quilts in remembrance of her using her stash.  What a tribute!

This trip is also highlighting for me another wonderful aspect of quilting -- the community of people who gather together. I'm here with friends I made over 20 years ago, long time quilters and fabric lovers with many prize winning quilts to their credit. And, yesterday, I brought my daughter-in-law  (who is just beginning her very first quilt) to see her very first quilt show. Old and new brought together around the beauty of a shared experience.

This month brings another gathering for many of us: a gathering of family or friends around a table of thanksgiving. Though Thanksgiving is a different kind of shared experience, it may be one that also spans the generations. And, like attending a quilt show, it reminds us of the things we share, and of the reasons to be grateful. 

I am grateful for you and for the beauty and inspiration you provide by sharing your artistry with the Guild. I look forward to seeing you at the November meeting!

Happy Quilting,