Circles are interesting.

When we draw them, there is a definite start and end.  If we did a good job, you can't tell.

Cuddle is like that, too.  If we start the circle with donations of fabric, we progress around to cutting the pieces into kits or set them aside to make backs for quilt tops.  All of our helpers, many of whom are nonmembers, gladly make up quilts, NICU's, receiving blankets, pillowcases and placemats.  These are all gathered up and distributed to the many organizations that we work with.  This in turn makes room for the next donation which makes the start and end rather blurred as we progress around.  Our orbit has a rhythm to it that is predictable.  That's actually nice because none of us wants to reinvent this particular wheel...or circle.


Suggested Quilt Sizes ...

Baby/Wheelchair/Angels Receiving Blankets:     40"x40"

Baby/Toddler Quilts:     40-45"x40-50"

Lap/Teens/Adults:     48-60"x60-76"

Breckenridge or San Pasqual Academy:     64-70"x76-90"


Workshops ...

Quilt In a Day (QIAD):   1st Thursday of each month --  9-12:30pm

El Corazon Senior Center (Oceanside):  3rd Thursday of each month -- 9-3pm

San Marcos Senior Center:   4th Monday of each month -- 9-3pm


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