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When I remember the Wintertide Market I will think of and thank all of you.

I described the set up that morning as a dance. Well my “dance team” was completely “en pointe” encompassing both the basic and artistic in setting up an enchanting buying experience.

The speakers, Sher (TIP), Samantha (ASYMCA), and Shaeli (FF4WW) absolutely wowed us with their presentations.

Now it was time to shop and this is where I hope you had fun and went home with wonderful treasures.

These treasures were made by you our members and our friends to help the guild defray the costs of batting for Cuddle Quilts.

So I thank all of you for a very successful Market with $3673 in sales.

Again, thank you all so much!

PLEASE NOTE: There will be NO Cuddle Construction Zones in December at El Corazon on December 21 or San Marcos Senior Center on December 25.

Cuddle was blessed with receiving a Big Electric Accuquilt Go Cutter from Cynthia Rowe’s family along with several of the dies.

If you would like to use it to cut fabric for your own use or for a cuddle quilt, please let Jan or Candy know and we will bring it to the workshop of your choice.

The Dies that came with the cutter include the following:

Strip Cutter 1”, 1 ½” and 2” strips

Strip Cutter 2 ½”

Strip Cutter 3 ½”

Strip Cutter 4  ½”

Strip Cutter 6 ½”

Flying Geese 3 ½” by 6 ½”

10” Go Cube with the following dies:  5 ½ square (5” finished),  3” square (2 ½ finished), Half Square triangle (5” finished square), Quarter Square Triangle (5” finished square)

Half square Triangle (2 ½” finished), Parallelograms 45 degree  3 1/16”x 4 ½” sides for 2 ½” x 3 9/16” finished, Rectangle 3 x 5 ½” (2 ½” by 5” finished)

If anyone has a Stewardess rolling suitcase that they don’t need anymore, Cuddle would love to have it to put the cutter and dies in to make it easier to carry around. Let Candy and Jan know or bring it to a meeting. 

Cuddle is so grateful that our guild supports as many charities as we do and the sale certainly proved the talent that we have in our members!