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Are you going to attend the International Quilt Festival in Long Beach from August 4- 6th? Want to REALLY see the quilts? Then please sign up for a 2 hour shift of White Glove Duty. You will have access to all the quilts on display, and this will allow our Guild to show our Opportunity Quilt. As a Guild, we are required to provide twenty hours of White Glove Service. Our Guild has been assigned 10 blocks of 2- hour service:

Thursday Aug. 4th

  • Block 1: 9:30- 11:30a
  • Block 2: 3:30-5:30p

Friday Aug. 5th

  • Block 3: 9:30-11:30a Filled
  • Block 4: 11:30-1:30p
  • Block 5: 1:30-3:30p
  • Block 6: 3:30-5:30p

Saturday Aug. 6th

  • Block 7: 9:30-11:30a Filled
  • Block 8: 11:30-1:30p
  • Block 9: 1:30-3:30p Filled
  • Block 10: 3:30-5:30p

As you can see, we are a long way from meeting our obligation. In exchange you will be given free admission to the show. You will be on your feet for the 2 hours, but it goes fast!

There is an additional need for assistance selling tickets on Saturday, Aug. 6th, at 11:30a. Ticket sellers will also receive free entry to the show. This is a sitting position. To sign up, please contact Robin Sutherland either in person or by cell (858) 848-4680, or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at your earliest convenience.

Looking forward to attending this fun event with you all. Thanks so much!