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Hello and welcome to the final issue of Quilt Scraps for our 2023 Calendar Year.

It has been an amazing year and I’ve so enjoyed  getting to know so many of you better during my time serving as Guild President.

As I began the year, I developed a strategic plan to serve as a framework to guide our activities and decisions this year. The key word in the plan was: INCREASE.

To increase means to make greater and it was my hope that this year we would make ECQ even Greater!

As I reflect on the year I am especially proud of all that we have accomplished.

We set out to increase our membership and I am pleased to report that well over 50 guests have visited our meetings to check us out and we have added over 20 new members. Many thanks to Suzanne Tobey, our fantastic Publicity Chair who has faithfully gotten the word out to our community.

We set out to find ways to increase revenue as well despite the rising costs for just about everything we do. We managed to add several new money making activities, such as guild name tags , tote bags and regular Guild challenges that have added to our very healthy bank balance. The re-named Treasure Table Team brought in an amazing amount with their clever and creative offerings each month.Thanks to Barbara, Ann and Sharon for stepping in to lead that committee.

We also hoped to increase our attendance at workshops this year and with the change to allow non-members to attend we have seen a steady rise in the number of quilters enjoying our great teachers. We have a fantastic line-up of workshops already scheduled for next year and Carrie is working hard to get those filled to capacity.

As I always say, we make better connections in circles rather than in rows, so another goal of mine this year was to increase the number of members participating  in Friendship Groups.  Karen Brow-Meier has done a great job of connecting new people to each other and three new groups began this year with a total of 43 members in them.

I could go on and on describing all the work of our committees, Board members and all of you.  Your hard work has made ECQ even greater! Thank You! We always have room for more volunteers and I know that Nancy is counting on your support as she begins the New Year as Guild President, so please consider how you can participate.

Though I’m stepping down as Guild President, I’m looking forward to another great year with all of you. I’ll be leading our Guild Challenges and Spearheading the Big Silent Auction and Mega Sale scheduled for September 2024, so you’ll be hearing from me again soon!

Best wishes for a wonderful Holiday Season and a spectacular New Year. 

Susan Stanchfield