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Lucky Blocks

A block pattern is published each month in the newsletter. Members are encouraged to make a block (or several) to turn in at the next meeting. Members receive one chance, for each block they turn in, to win a set of blocks. One set of blocks per participant per drawing.

If you make two blocks, one for guild and one for yourself, you will have a quilt top at the end of the year.  Everyone who finishes and shares their finished quilt top will be entered to win a prize! If you need help, please call or email Laurie Paurazas and she will answer any questions you may have.

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When Flying Geese Collide

December 2021 Lucky Block - A Quilter’s Gift


Background - White (no beige) tone on tone, print, or batik that reads as a solid.

Gift Box - Print or batik in Christmas colors.

Ribbon and Bow - A fabric that coordinates with the Box and Bow.

Cutting Instructions – 6.5” x 9” Block  (7”x 9½” unfinished)

Fusible – Use Steam-A-Seam Reg or Lite, Heat and Bond Lite or a similar two-sided fusible web.

Cut from Fusible

For the Box - (1) 6” square

For the Ribbon - (1) 2” x 6” rectangle

For the Bow - (1) 3.5” x 5” rectangle

Cut from Background Fabric

(1) 9” x 11” square

  1. Cut out the shapes as listed above from your fusible.
  2. Trace the Bow from the Pattern (download) onto the 5” x 5” fusible rectangle. The dashed line on the bow indicates where it is covered by another piece. Be sure to include this "hidden" part of the fabric when tracing the bow. 
  3. Take off the first release paper and very lightly fuse all of the shapes to the wrong sides of the fabrics you have selected for your Box, Ribbon and Bow (Follow the manufacturer’s directions for heat setting and time).
  4. Trim the fused fabric pieces to the following sizes, trimming from all sides of the pieces.
    For the Box - (1) 5” square
    For the Ribbon - (2) 3/4” x 5” strips
    For the Bow - Cut out on the traced lines
  5. Remove the final release paper from all pieces.
  6. Fold and lightly crease your background square in half lengthwise to find the vertical center.
  7. Place your 5” Box on the background square, centered from left to right with the bottom edge of the box 1½” inches from the bottom/raw edge of the background square. The sides of the box will be 2” from the raw edge of the background square. Lay one ribbon strip horizontally across the middle of the box and one vertically across the center of the box.  Tuck the bow under the center top edge of the box to match the picture. Fuse in place.
  8. Use a zig-zag, buttonhole, decorative or straight stitch (whichever you prefer) to appliqué around every raw edge with a matching, coordinating, decorative or sparkly thread. Begin with the Box, then the Ribbons and finish with the Bow.
    Note: You can leave the decorative stitching for the winner if you prefer.
  9. Please do not trim the finished block, we will let the winners do that J

Questions? Callor email  Laurie Paurazas

 760-216-6234  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.